Farhan: Bram Crick walks with Peter Gillies

Farhan: Bram Crick walks with Peter Gillies

Although nearly every second of the reality series about the Gillies family deserves a mention — and that’s a good thing, because in reality nothing happens — every week Twitter goes viral on the head of the family’s walk.

Bram Crick thinks: What Peter can do, I can (and want) too. It resulted from a funny movie starring Peter Gillies and his son Mark. Including the matching hat, the trio walk through Prinsenbeek – of course with one hand in a pocket – checking everything. Bram was fully received by the family, but when Peter and Mark walked into the office, the radio DJ was standing in front of a locked door. So much for the hospitality.

Under this post, Bram’s well-known friends are collectively reacting to the comic video. Sam Hoogland, Mart Hoogkamer, Rámon Verkoeijen. Amijé Roos van der Laan, Tom van der Weerd and more than 15,000 people give huge likes to the video. Radio Jordi Warners wrote “It’s Turned On.”

The video is a dream come true for Bram: A few weeks ago, the Qmusic DJ already shared a part of Peter walking along with the text: “I want that walk too.”

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