Far-right parties Fidesz, ANO and Austria’s Freedom Party form new European alliance

Far-right parties Fidesz, ANO and Austria’s Freedom Party form new European alliance

Three European far-right parties are forming a new political alliance. This concerns the Hungarian Fidesz party, the Czech Anu party, and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ). The leaders of these three parties, Hungarian Viktor Orban, Czech Andrej Babis, and Austrian Herbert Kickl, The formation of the coalition was announced on Sunday. In a hotel in Vienna.

“A new era is dawning in European politics,” Kickl said. The coalition, called “Patriots for Europe”, aims to unite forces with other parties at the European level. The three leaders cited reducing illegal immigration as an important priority, as well as transferring power from Brussels to member states. They expect other parties to join the coalition in the coming days.


To form a faction in the European Parliament, parties must come from at least a quarter of the EU’s 27 member states. Far-right parties grew in the elections in early June, but they are divided in the European Parliament. There are now two far-right factions: the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), including Italy’s Fratelli d’Italia, and the Identity and Democracy (ID), with the Dutch Party for Freedom, the French National Rally and, until recently, the French National Rally (FPÖ). Orbán’s Fidesz party left the Christian-democratic EPP faction in 2021. ANO was a member of the liberal Renewal faction.

Urban wrote Saturday in the opening and that on Sunday his eyes would be fixed not only on Vienna, where he announced the new alliance, but also “on Paris.” Elections are scheduled to be held in France on Sunday, and it appears that the National Rally has become the largest party. Hungary assumes the presidency of the European Union on Monday.

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