Fans are unhappy with Netflix hitting 'Army of the Dead': Dead pixels ?!

Fans are unhappy with Netflix hitting ‘Army of the Dead’: Dead pixels ?!

If you went to the end of last week Zack Snyders Army of the dead You might have noticed that something isn’t always right. Every now and then it looks as if the scene has dead pixels, or that there are white areas on parts of your screen.Some viewers reported this on Twitter. For example, while watching Zack Snyder’s movie about zombies, some people thought their TV was down. But since not all scenes contain dead pixels, it’s up to the camera.

why him?
Variety writes based on someone’s response to Reddit that one of the camera sensors might have been broken without anyone noticing.

For this particular movie, the story goes that Snyder used RED Monstro digital cameras, wearing old Canon lenses to give the film a unique look and feel. But that is not the case with this movie only.

Netflix seems to have white or broken pixels in their production quite often. This also applies to the series, for example Shadow and Bones, But also for the movie extraction. What is going on is not entirely clear.

According to Variety, dead pixels are unlikely to be spotted during post-processing, so leaving them in the movie should be a conscious decision. In any case, it did indeed yield the title: Dead pixel army.

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