Fairphone launches Android 10 for 2015 Fairphone 2 - Tablets and phones - News

Fairphone launches Android 10 for 2015 Fairphone 2 – Tablets and phones – News

Fairphone 2 has been upgraded to Android 10. This phone came out at the end of 2015 and is therefore more than six years old. Fairphone 2 came with Android 5. In the previous version, Fairphone previously released a beta version of Android 10 for the phone.

Fairphone Android 10 launches in stages for Fairphone 2, As the manufacturer reports in his forum† The company does this via the Fairphone Updater app. The update is expected to roll out to all Fairphone 2 users in the next three weeks. It is also possible to perform the upgrade manually via fastboot. Fairphone provides guidance on this in its forum post.

According to Fairphone, the upgrade brings ‘general’ improvements to Android 10, although the manufacturer doesn’t go into more details. Bluetooth LE setting added and February 2022 security patch included. Users also get a new wallpaper.

The Fairphone 2 has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 soc. This chip does not officially support Android versions after Android 6, because Qualcomm has never released support for it. So, Fairphone has partnered with the open source community to release Android 7.1, Android 9 and now Android 10 for Fairphone 2.

Fairphone 2 was introduced in October 2015, and therefore it is more than six years old. Fairphone says it aims to support its phones for at least five years. The manufacturer says that the Fairphone 2 will be supplied with updates for seven years with the upgrade. The phone will no longer receive official upgrades to newer Android versions anymore, He also writes 9to5Google† Fairphone will continue to release security updates for Android 10 devices as long as Google continues to maintain this operating system.

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