Failure to prosecute US agents for the black dead detainee

Failure to prosecute US agents for the black dead detainee

According to the grand jury, the seven officers implicated in the arrest could not be proven guilty of the death of Brod.


The attorney general of New York State expressed disappointment with the ruling. “The legal system has shown its unwillingness to hold agents responsible for killing defenseless African Americans,” said Letitia James.

Brod became psychotic in March of last year when he ran naked in the street. The American told passers-by that he was and will spit the Corona virus. Upon his arrest, Brod was covered and pressed to the ground by the officers. A week after his arrest, he was killed.

Statues detained

Posted in September, after months of arrest Detention photos From prod. This caused a lot of turmoil in the United States. Protests erupted in various parts of the country against the work of the agents. Then they were suspended.

The ruling also led to last night’s protests (Dutch time). In Rochester, New York, a group of about 150 people took to the streets.

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