"Facebook works on its Android smartwatch."

“Facebook works on its Android smartwatch.”

Facebook tried to close a Fitbit takeover in 2019, but that did not materialize. Years later, Facebook is still working on its smartwatch: the smartwatch will focus on ‘Sports & Messages’ and it should run on Android, so it won’t be a Wear OS watch.

Facebook smart watch

The social networking site Facebook She wants to work on her smartwatch because it is the “largest market” outside of phones, she says the information, Who obtained information about the upcoming Facebook smartwatch from insiders. The watch should “make it easier” for users to send messages via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – it is not known if other messaging services will work on the watch.

In addition to the messaging functions, the Facebook watch can also be used during a workout. To that end, the social media giant is integrating with services like Peleton Interactive – at launch time, the “most popular services” must be integrated into the watch. According to current reports, the watch will be running on an open source version of Android. That will remain the case at least until 2023, after which it is rumored that the company will introduce the Facebook operating system for smart devices.

Privacy sensitive data

To compete with existing watches, Facebook will sell its watch at cost; It makes the smartwatch more accessible than many Wear OS or Watch OS watches, which often exceed the € 300 price tag. The price at which Facebook would like to sell the smartwatch remains unknown. However, price is not the only factor that consumers consider when purchasing a Facebook watch; The information indicates that there is a privacy issue behind the success of this watch.

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Facebook will compete with Wear OS smartwatches with its watch

What does Facebook plan with sports data, for example? Google could count on a lot of criticism after it decided to acquire Fitbit. Several countries even investigated the acquisition and were concerned about the privacy of health data – and questioned whether Google would use the data for advertising purposes. How Facebook will handle this in 2022, once its smartwatch launches, is unknown.

Still the music of the future

Finally, Facebook is known to provide its smartwatch with a data connection, so the company wants to block the connection to the phone in order to receive data when the watch is used outdoors. Whether that connection will be present in every model is unknown – however, given that Facebook is running on its operating system, which could complicate the connection to Android and iOS, this seems like a logical step for Facebook.

Right now, we don’t have to expect Facebook’s Android hour, The Information’s finale. Facebook will present the first version of its watch in 2022 and a second version will be presented in 2023. What do you think of the arrival of the Facebook watch? Is it a product you would like to try? Be sure to tell us in the comments below the article.

The social networking site Facebook

The social networking site Facebook

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