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Facebook introduces Music Revenue Sharing, a way for video creators to use and monetize licensed music. Licensees and Meta also get paid for this concept.

The program in question makes it possible for creators to use licensed music, after which they receive twenty percent of the advertising revenue from the video. However, Meta and music licensors split the rest of the revenue from “streaming ads.” Facebook in advertising No other ratios.

Music makers were already able to make music out of all of them audio library In the videos, although according to Facebook, this is the first time that money of this magnitude can be made. Music Revenue Sharing is available worldwide starting today, although for now only US streams can actually monetize with licensed music. “We will be expanding this to the rest of the world as music is available on Facebook in the coming months.” Music on Facebook has been available for several years in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others, which means that the service will arrive in those countries late this year.

To be eligible for the program, a manufacturer must meet a variety of requirements. First of all, the maker must Eligible For advertisements it must meet the requirements Partner Program. Moreover, the video clip should be at least 1 minute long and mainly center around the footage used; Merely posting licensed music for monetization is not permitted.

Anyone eligible to share music earnings on Facebook
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