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I don’t know what you see on average, but the average person in my area just knows how to operate a computer, and how to access the Internet. I think half of them don’t know what encryption is or if it has anything to do with security. Now I think my environment is below average, but to give some examples:
– If I want to install a USB mouse/keyboard.
– Whether I want to install a printer.
-How to get their favorite websites on the desktop or favorites (strip).
-Whether they update their phones/computers.
-They don’t know how to connect the computer (after moving it).
– I gave an explanation in children’s language with screenshots showing exactly where to click (the squares around the buttons, arrows, numbers) however some of the staff didn’t dare to do it because it was an unfamiliar area.
– People who don’t understand why they don’t have internet outside their home while they have a modem with wifi at home.
– Whether I want to install their mail on their phone. Then I ask for the password and I get an answer like: No password, I open Outlook (or another program) and then it really works.

I could give some other examples, but I think they are obvious. Again, I really expect my environment to be below average. This was not intended to offend people. They just have other tough qualities for me.

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