Extreme heat is devastating South America: 'hell-bent' |  Abroad

Extreme heat is devastating South America: ‘hell-bent’ | Abroad

It’s summer in South America and how. Over the next few days, a blanket of warmth will slowly push the continent into a summer slumber. Argentina in particular has been hard hit.

Latinos are used to a little heat, but this week it will be more intense. In the coming days, a tidal wave that will break all records will hit South America. Various weather maps show that Argentina in particular has to contend with extreme temperatures.

The Argentine government has issued several weather warnings and called on the Argentine people to avoid sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Temperature is ‘very dangerous’, especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and the sick.

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Local meteorological officials are also concerned. ,, The heat is certainly common in summer, but it does not last long. You expect regular summer heat, but the truth is, it is getting more frequent and intense. According to them, peaks are clearly linked to global warming.

‘Hell pro’

Domestically measured temperature today at 38 degrees is the forerunner of even warmer days in Argentina. In particular, the interior and northeastern parts of the South American country will face ‘hell’ status this week. The highest temperature on Earth will be measured there for a short time.

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And in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, mercury is slowly rising to 40 degrees. Large power outages are expected to cover the entire neighborhood. With some theatrical sense, the Argentine media writes that Buenos Aires will be transformed into a ‘hell connection’. Neighboring Paraguay and Brazil – which have been experiencing heavy rainfall for weeks – are preparing for extreme temperatures with temperatures hovering above 40 degrees.

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