Explosions in central Kyiv again, suspected drone strikes

Explosions in central Kyiv again, suspected drone strikes


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The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was hit again. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said several explosions were heard in the centre. He said several apartment complexes were damaged and rescue workers were on site.

According to the authorities, these attacks are carried out by Russia with the so-called kamikazedronate. They carry tens of kilograms of explosives and fly towards a pre-programmed target.

NOS reporter Wessel de Jong is in Kyiv and says the explosions were in the middle:

“At around 5:30 am Dutch time, the air raid alarm went off,” de Jong said in a statement. Radio NOS 1 news. “A few minutes later, violent outbursts followed.” He sees pictures of a big fire going by because of the explosions.

Early this morning there were three explosions. Explosions were heard again later. Mayor Klitschko talks about two new explosions.

Here are pictures from this morning’s effects:

Explosions in the center of Kyiv

De Jong also reported that it appears that shots were fired again near the central station, near a power station.

As a result, the electricity supply in Kyiv has become “a bit more complicated,” he says on the radio. “People have been called to cut spending. Kyiv is quite dark at night at the moment.”

Since a week Kyiv was also attacked. At least five people were killed and 51 people were injured.

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