Ex-President Trump summoned to the Capitol over storming investigation

Ex-President Trump summoned to the Capitol over storming investigation

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The US congressional committee investigating the storming of the Capitol has issued a subpoena to Donald Trump. last week The committee had already announced that the former president would be heard under oath about his role in the storming and occupation of the US Parliament on January 6 last year.

The commission says it has “compelling evidence” that Trump “managed” the events of the day by spreading false accusations of widespread fraud in the presidential election two months ago. He would also try to engage the Justice Department and make attempts to persuade administrators, politicians, and then Vice President Pence to manipulate the results.

According to the commission, important details about exactly what Trump did and said that day are still missing. The only person who can explain it It is Trump himself. “We recognize that recalling a former chair is an important and historic step,” the committee chair and vice chair wrote in their letter. “We’re not just taking that step.”

November 14

The letter sent to the former president’s lawyer states that Trump should present himself for questioning on Monday, November 14. This may happen behind closed doors. It will be recorded so photos can be posted later.

He must also turn over a series of documents by November 4, including letters he has personally exchanged with members of parliament and members of extremist groups who refused to acknowledge President Biden’s election victory.

At the beginning of this year, reporters Mariki de Vries and Lucas Wagmeister presented this retrospective of the storming of the Capitol:

A year after the storming of the Capitol, our reporters bring you back

The commission has been investigating for the past 15 months the storming of the Capitol. Trump supporters wanted to prevent Biden from officially announcing the election winner.

The fighting that erupted resulted in the deaths of five people, including a police officer. 140 officers were injured and Vice President Pence, members of Parliament and their associates fled to save their lives. Like Trump, his supporters argued that Biden was in danger of coming to power through electoral fraud. No evidence of this fraud has been provided.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was sentenced today Four months sentencedBecause he refused to appear before the committee. He was temporarily released pending his appeal. He also has to pay a fine of $6,500.

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