Ex-nominee: 'Tyra Banks hardly pushes models' |  stars

Ex-nominee: ‘Tyra Banks hardly pushes models’ | stars

former plussize model Sarah Hartshorne, 34, was seen in season nine and was eighteen at the time when she participated in the hopes of winning a modeling contract. “We received no compensation for our participation,” she says, “while you spend a lot of time on recordings” New York Post. “We get about 33 euros a day, we had to pay for our food ourselves. But it was not possible to use the microwave to heat the food.”

She continues, “The production team didn’t intentionally tell us our daily schedule, because when we were tired, irritable, hungry, and disoriented, it was for better TV. We were driven in vans with taped windows with no idea where to go. Once on site, we had to Respond immediately and act nicely in front of the camera. In addition, we were not allowed to speak to some family members during the recording period.”

no contact

Participants had to sign multiple contracts, including non-disclosure agreements. Family members who may be summoned are also required to sign such statements. “My grandfather refused, which means I can’t talk to him for weeks. Join in America’s Next Best Model No doors in that world were opened for most of the participants. You can just peek into the kitchen and that’s it. Tyra also does not maintain contact with the candidates.”

Hartshorne says she does not regret her participation. “But I know many candidates who have experienced it as painful. At that time there were no social media where you could express and share your experiences. So quitting was not really an option, because you can’t get feedback from others anywhere “.

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According to Business Magazine, the banks will do just that Forbes She earned nearly 25 million euros as a creator and presenter.

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