Ever strange episode of Zeeman Konfront

Ever strange episode of Zeeman Konfront

Thijs encounters a method of stalking he has never experienced before. Sherissa and her husband Yuri’s home, where they live with their daughter, has been digitally taken over. As a result, they never feel safe at home. To make matters worse, fourteen family members were harassed. They are close to despair.

The stalker lights up like a nightclub, turns on the TV at the weirdest moments and listens to conversations. He pushes the boundaries of what’s even more unacceptable when he sends sexual messages about their six-year-old daughter. But when all fingers point to one criminal, things take a crazy turn.

Who is behind these strange and terrifying practices? Sherissa and Yuri have accused her avenging ex-boyfriend of years and reported it to the police. Theis and his team are convinced of his innocence. “We’ve been able to determine it’s not you through extensive research,” Theiss told him during a phone conversation. “I’ve always said: It’s not me. I know nothing,” continues the ex, weighed down by accusations.

Thejs soon had an idea: “Isn’t the main suspect just Yuri?” To determine this, a complex numerical research is needed. This investigation clearly shows that he is indeed the culprit who, among other things, sends sick messages about his daughter.

Sherissa seems completely shocked when she hears the news. “Sorry, that’s not really possible.” When confronted, Yuri pretends to be very ill. Moreover, he refuses to admit that he is behind these misdeeds. Yuri says he “doesn’t remember”. He blames him for psychosis. “He needs psychological help,” Theis concludes. Yuri is later informed through lawyers that he does not recognize himself in the judgments. Sherissa does not believe the results and is still with him.

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Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers The episode can be watched every Tuesday at 8:30 PM on RTL 5. Watch the episode here Back.

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