Europe chose Lorraine again

Europe chose Lorraine again

What a final last night, right there in Liverpool. It’s a miracle the M&S Bank Arena roof is still up and running! After 26 amazing feats (bizarre, convincing, infectious, and in some cases: grossly fake), only one country can pull off the win…

Great final

After months of musical preparations and a week with a crushing semi-final, the time has come super moment Finally there is last night: the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final! This time 26 countries competed against each other: ten from the first semi-final (to which the Netherlands did not belong), and ten from the second semi-final. The Big Five (England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) and reigning champions Ukraine completed the ceremony.

After a ceremonial opening with Ukrainian Eurovision artists such as Kalush Orchestra, Verka Serduchka and Jamala, the competition kicked off with Austrian duo Tia and Salina and their song Who the hell is Edgar?. Closing the 26 business was May Mueller, representing the United Kingdom.

Dutch Edge

Before it was time for the results, there was, of course, room for plenty of guest artists. So of course Sam Ryder, national pride and last year’s silver medalist, showed up. Previous winners and near winners also appeared, such as Israel’s Nita, Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs, and Italy’s Mahmoud. We also had Duncan Lawrence present. His followers may not have succeeded, but he himself was on the platform.

And the winner is…

The evening traditionally concluded with a recording ceremony that seems to go on for centuries. Jury verdicts, viewers’ votes at home, and for the first time this year, votes from around the world have been added together, and the result is clear: Sweden Came out with a win! The final became even more exciting because Finland received the most votes from the viewers at home. In the end, Lauren won with 57 points from Käärijä, making her the second artist to win the Eurovision Song Contest more than once after Johnny Logan – who finished first three times – with this feat.

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“I’m confused, I still can’t believe it. Lauren says after hearing that she’s the first woman in history to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice.” A lot of work went into it. “Sport, exercise, get the act together, diet,” she says of the past six months. “It was hard, but it was worth it. Especially now.” When she learned that the festival would take place again in Sweden next year, exactly one year after ABBA’s victory in Waterloo, she said: “I haven’t thought about it yet, but it’s definitely going to be very special. It means we have to make something very special out of it next year.” “.

And now it’s time to count down another year to the next Eurovision Song Contest. Only 365 extra nights of sleep…

Source:, AD, | Photo: NL Image, YouTube’s Eurovision Song Contest

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