Eufy users can view camera images to other users due to error – computer – news

This kind of nightmare talks about smarthomes, etc. is exactly the reason why I’m totally hesitant ..

Will it get better or worse? : /

The problem is that everything needs to be done via accounts or via apps, even if the images themselves aren’t in the cloud. The only solution to get this decent is if your IP camera has its own built in web server that you can then forward your router to. Then you can directly log in to a specific camera. Or, there may be a distributor with a web server, where you can connect multiple cameras, and then you log into that hub.

Eufy pretends you have everything internally because they don’t upload anything to the cloud, but without one of their accounts or their app, it’s still not working … which is why I wouldn’t buy these types of articles.

There’s nothing in the home of smart gadgets, except for Chromecast for Netflix, and a number of ChromeCast speakers to stream music from radio stations (and via the BubbleUPNP server also NUC’s FLACs). There are no cameras and microphones here that connect to a cloud or an account, and there won’t be any. (And there will be no other home automation stuff associated with a manufacturer or service in any way.)

Even the few cloud solutions I use (quickly share a file between my phone and computer via OneDrive) I am considering converting it to my NUC.

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