EU begins action against Britons over Northern Ireland

EU begins action against Britons over Northern Ireland

European Commissioner Maros Sefcovic at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday.Statue of John Theses / AFP

The London government has drawn up plans on its own to change the so-called Protocol for Northern Ireland, which was aimed at ensuring there was no hard border between Northern Ireland, which belongs to the United Kingdom, and an EU member state after Brexit. Ireland. Such a frontier could jeopardize the expensive peace between the pro-Ireland Catholics and the pro-British Protestants on the island.

But the protocol complicates trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and means the people of Northern Ireland must continue to follow Brussels’ rules, London says with regret. European Commissioner Responsible Maros Sefcovic says unilateral tampering with a treaty is “illegal”. “Let’s tell you what it is.”

However, the Commission will continue to seek compromise and not prejudge further measures, for example against British trade with the European Union. In its own words, it carefully doses its countermeasures, first of all so as not to unnecessarily affect citizens and businesses. The commission is resuming the so-called encroachment procedure on Britons it closed last year and taking the next step. The Commission wanted a possible amicable solution with last year’s break, but London itself crossed the line, according to Brussels.

If the British government does not meet with the European Union within two months, it can go to the European Court of Justice. In addition, two new similar measures will be introduced, including the failure of agreed checkpoints to meet border inspections and customs data to be provided by the British. The day-to-day administration of the European Union is now taking the first step in this direction.

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