Establishment of the National Education Museum of the Scientific Advisory Council

Establishment of the National Education Museum of the Scientific Advisory Council

DORDRECHT – The National Education Museum recently had a scientific advisory board. With this council, the Museum strengthens its position as an institute of knowledge and strengthens its ties with the academic world.

Knowledge Institute
For many years, the National Education Museum’s unique collection has been a valuable source of knowledge about education, past and present, for many scholars, journalists and researchers. In order to protect and develop the function of the Institute of Knowledge, the National Education Museum recently established a scientific advisory board.

critical interlocutor
The Museum of Education’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of Professor Dr Hilda Amsingh, Dr John Exalto, Professor M. Dr.. Schord-Carsten, Dr.; Sarah van Ruiskensfeld, d. Tina van der Valis. Through this council, the Museum not only enhances its position as an institute of knowledge but also strengthens its links with the academic world. Board members influence the museum’s thematic course, critical discussion partner, and museum ambassador. The museum has found that Professor Dr Hilda Amsing is willing to serve as chair of the Scientific Council.

To call
The goal of the Scientific Advisory Board is to link science to museum practice. Board members provide scholarly input in the field of pedagogy, educational history, and youth culture and contribute ideas about the museum’s course and activities. And of course they provide requested and unsolicited advice on relevant developments and new initiatives.

more information
More information about the Scientific Council and its members can be found on the website of the Museum of National Education.

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