Erica Melland: “Martin’s screams make me sound like a pirate” The Stars

Erica Melland: “Martin’s screams make me sound like a pirate” The Stars

‘That stature you’ve been through Chateau MellandErica says this week that I’m some kind of road hacker is totally unjustified” Veronica Superguide. “I’ve been driving without accidents for 35 years. It’s Martin’s screams that make it sound like this. But he (his daughter, editor) would never say Maxime, ‘Oh my goodness, Honor, how good can you avoid that broken truck!” Always … “

Erica and Martin are not always on the same page when it comes to bringing up. So it’s clear which one granddaughter Claire prefers. “I often hear ‘my grandmother is dumb,’ but, as with Maxime and Montana’s upbringing, I’m not the ‘shepherd’ type who says yes to everything. She’s used to Martien always getting what she asks for, but I wouldn’t screw her up by spoiling her with ice cream.”

And so she likes Martien more. “I think she also has a lot of me, I do a lot with her and often walk the road. When we walk in the woods with the dogs, I tell her about the flowers we come across, for example. I like to teach her things and tell her about life.”

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