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With around 75,000 registered players and 500 stadiums, you can safely say we enjoy padel sports close to our hearts. However, many associations have to deal with visitors who come to play without paying, thus holding back registered players. Startup Pablo addresses this issue. The Belgian company has developed a hardware and software system for controlling access via facial recognition. Who is the entrepreneur behind this? Nothing but great tennis player Kim Clijsters.

Robert Dalder

February 14, 2022

Kim clijster belbahaiem padel pablo regitratie

Ibrahim Bulbheim and Kim Clijsters are the founders of the Pablo Video Recording System. Photo: Pablo.

This is the so-called Pablo Totem. By facial recognition or by holding an ID in front of the camera, Pablo checks at the entrance to the sports complex whether players have already registered via the reservation system. If not and they go anyway, Pablo asks through loudspeaker if they still want to record. If they do not have a reservation, but there is still a job available, it is still possible to register on the totem. If the warning is ignored, these people will be photographed and the club manager will receive a message explaining the offender and then take appropriate action.

Clubs have the right to check who is currently in their jobs.

Brahim Boulbahaiem, medeoprichter Pablo

Padel stadium controllers are not an option for Clijsters

Kim Clijsters explains Pablo’s origin: “In my Padel park in Belgium, I regularly received complaints from frustrated members who were unable to go to court because others occupied them without a reservation.” A problem I could not solve. Hiring people to run checks throughout the day during periods of change was simply not an option.”

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Until Ibrahim Bulbheim approached the Belgian, who is a good acquaintance of hers who is a tech entrepreneur and also loves to play the paddy. My friends like to invite me over and play a game. But when I then asked them what I should pay, they said I’m registered with someone else’s account and therefore play for free. At first I thought it was a good thing, but over time I realized that as a club owner I wouldn’t tolerate it. I called Kim with the idea of ​​solving this using a video recording system and she was instantly excited when I asked if we could run a pilot in her garden. It was a success.”

Pablo totem along the side of the Badel Court.

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Kim Clijsters: “Entrepreneurs earn up to 6000 euros”

Kim Clijsters, who has been with her gym and health club in Belgium for some time, says club owners would take back up to 30 percent of available jobs if they put in the Pablo totem. Up to 2,000 to 6,000 euros per job per year, while also dealing with frustrated members once and for all. Entrepreneurs who want to purchase the video system pay a rent of €100 plus a small fee for the data that has to be shipped. “So it’s mainly the clubs who benefit from it.”

Personal data in safe hands

What is the technical status of the GDPR with the data collected by Pablo during check-in? Hassan. Bullbaim stresses that their system complies with privacy laws. “Clubs have the right to check on people who are currently in their jobs. And if there are people who don’t want to undergo a face scan, proof of identity is also sufficient. All data captured by Pablo remains internal. Nothing else will happen with that.”

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“I’m often asked to invest in companies, but I’m definitely not throwing my money anywhere. I should feel really satisfied and he’s definitely here”

Kim Clijsters, Co-Founder Pablo

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It’s one of the reasons Clijsters started this project. The Grand Slam winner is confident that her product will spread because she thinks it is clearly profitable for the tenant. I am often asked to invest in companies, but I certainly don’t throw my money anywhere. You should feel really satisfied and that’s definitely the case here. I fully support this and really had a role in developing it. logo. The name. Haha, I feel proud as Pablo’s father.”

Unlimited Possibilities of Pablo Totem

The goal of Clijsters and main contributor Bullbaim is to create one hundred Pablo totems in Belgium this year. Given the growing popularity of padel sports and the problem that still exists for illegal players, the goal is realistic. And then the potential of Pablo across the border wasn’t even discussed. We know you also love to play the padel in Holland, so we’re keeping a close eye on that. In addition, the sport in Spain is of course huge and we are also looking at Sweden. No, I’m not going back Pablo to my home country of America right now. “Baddle is not as big as she is here,” Clijsters, who has not yet given up on the professional tennis racket, said.

“This is also very exciting for other sports,” Belbaim concludes. “There is also a lot of fraud by members in fitness schools and tennis parks. If you are talking about attendance registration, of course Pablo can also be used within companies. Anyway, at the moment our focus is on alternative courts.”

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