Enschede Musicians Book A Dream Trip To America And Follow In The Footsteps Of Music Legends

Enschede Musicians Book A Dream Trip To America And Follow In The Footsteps Of Music Legends

An Enschede band focusing mainly on bluegrass, rock & roll and blues, you want to go on a ‘musical journey’. Where are you going then? Tennessee in the US. Dion Vluggen and Anne-Linde van de Veen from the band Lynn & The Rattleshakes vlogged the adventure on the RTV Oost program SPUNCK.

Van de Veen left for the United States with her boyfriend, Dion Vulken, to find an identity for their band. “We make music, but do we know where it comes from? We set out with that thought,” says singer Ann-Linde van de Veen. Still, initially there was no intention to record everything, but now they are very satisfied with the series. “We edit everything ourselves. Now it’s like reliving the trip because we all look back at the pictures.

From Nashville to Memphis

Once we got to Nashville, the doubts were completely gone. “We got there and we were overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles that Nashville brought,” Van de Veen says. Once they arrived in the largest city in Tennessee, Enschede residents visited several locations where their idols were located. “For example, we went to Studio B. The studio where Elvis recorded his music,” says guitarist Dian Vluken. “Elvis has always been an idol to me, so it was a dream for me to follow in his footsteps.”

In Memphis, Enschede musicians have visited a variety of places etched in musical history, but also places with the city’s raw history. “We also visited the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated. It was very interesting.

Network light

The series can currently be followed on RTV Oost’s YouTube account, but most likely soon on their own YouTube channel. “It’s a beautiful memory for us, and we want to take our children on this musical-historical journey when they grow up.”

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