England in the Fist of the Masked Dancer: This 'sports legend' was the rubber chicken |  to watch

England in the Fist of the Masked Dancer: This ‘sports legend’ was the rubber chicken | to watch

After the great success of masked singer Now also available in America and England The masked dancer, where celebrities show off their unrecognizable dancing skills. The first season began in England last weekend and is already dominating the local media. Because who was hiding behind the mysterious beetroot and rubber chicken?

in a The masked dancer Performers of masked celebrities who are not usually known for their talent for dancing. Next, the celebrity board has to guess who’s wearing colorful costumes, such as ice cream sundaes, a giant zipper and car wash brush in England this season. All seven episodes will air in one week, so the revelations follow each other in quick succession.

Monday was the turn beetrootor beets. Apparently the suit was a woman with an American accent. She loved historical culture and is younger than her looks would suggest, was the hint. And she clearly feels comfortable on stage, as she explained during her performance:

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She’s also fun-loving and her glass is always half full. Not because she has such a positive outlook on life, but because she sometimes serves as a filler for huge glasses for her work, as it turned out later. In fact, the suit featured a famous comic dancer:

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Although Dita Von Teese has taken ballet lessons in the past, she says she cannot pursue choreography for one metre. I found her post very interesting. “I’d rather just stand here and take my clothes off, then I’d feel more comfortable,” the American star, whose real name is Heather Renee Sweet, joked.

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on the rocks

Yesterday the rubber chicken got a short straw. In that suit there was a man who was always being stalked, according to one tip. He said it was never too late to learn new things, noting that he assumed he wasn’t too young. And he comes at his best.”on the rocksSaid the hen who made a swaying parade surrounded by eggs:

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Which ‘on the rocksIt had nothing to do with ice cubes, but with the former work of 57-year-old Michael Edwards, aka former ski jumper and “sport legend” Eddie Eagle:

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Although he enjoyed his participation, the former athlete found the dance adventure very challenging. He would sometimes get disoriented and struggle to keep his balance in the suit.

I couldn’t see much and the studio was also dark, which made it difficult,” he said. “I couldn’t breathe properly, so I was breathing hard to get some oxygen.”

The first season of the American version of The masked dancer Cotton candy also won her. That suit turned out to be Olympic gymnastics champion Gabby Douglas. She gave this performance in the finale:

Watch the show and entertainment videos below.

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