Emily Tack started her corporate finance practice at Kroger

Emily Tack started her corporate finance practice at Kroger

Krueger recently strengthened its corporate financial practices with Emily Taki, who has been hired as an advisor.

With her arrival, Emilie Tacke joined a team of approximately 40 colleagues, with whom she has now been able to work for about two months. And that’s with pleasure, Emily says. “It is great to see the enthusiasm of my colleagues. I love working with them to come up with the best solution for the client.”

In addition to corporate finance services, the Rotterdam-based office provides advice in the areas of strategy, restructuring and regulation. In addition, Kroger has practices focused on interim management and executive search. Emilie: “At Kruger, the interests of the entrepreneur come first, so a personal approach is the common denominator in our services.”

Before starting her work at the Corporate Finance Office, Emily completed her education in Economics and Business Economics at Radboud University and also completed two MScs at Tilburg University (Financial and Organizational Studies). I also studied for a semester in the United States.

When asked what qualities she brings to her new employer, Emily said she has “a passion for financial statement analysis.” “I like to dig into company numbers,” she says.

But it does indicate that organizational dynamics and social aspects are “at least as important” when dealing with and solving complex projects. “Behind the numbers there is always a story: the story of an entrepreneur,” explains Emily.

During her studies, Emily gained experience in the banking sector (including the position of Assistant Account Manager at Rabobank) and the SME field.

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