Emiglare Shopping Center about Halloween

Emiglare Shopping Center about Halloween

AMERSFOORT Halloween also comes to the Netherlands and the Emiglar Shopping Center. Halloween is increasingly accepted as a celebration that came from the United States and is ‘celebrated’ here. Traditionally, Halloween was a celebration preceding All Saints’ Day and was a time to honor the dead. Now it’s time for the kids to dress up and go out to pick up candy.

The Emiglar Shopping Center has hosted the Halloween Lantern Parade for many years, organized by Blueberry. This year’s parade has been expanded with real ghost houses in one of the shops in Emiglar.

Procession around the pond On Friday evening October 29 the Halloween parade and ghost house will be open from 4pm to 8.30pm. The last day the ghost house is open is Saturday, October 30 from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
Participants in this evening’s parade can gather at the Pool Shopping Center from 6.30pm to 6.45pm.

Face Minting and Lighting Before the light procession begins, the children can paint their faces and show everyone their clothes already.

The lights are provided by the system (on = gone). Before the parade begins Abe stops telling a wonderful story near the storyteller pool. All the children who registered for the parade will march excitedly around Emiglare Pool, accompanied by various children’s heroes such as Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

Of course the road has goodies. The parade record is unfortunately already closed, but visitors are always welcome along the light parade route around the pool to admire the children’s costumes and enjoy the ‘ghostly’ atmosphere.

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For more information, visit: https://www.emiclaer.nl/evenementen-emiclaer/halloween-in-emiclaer/

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