Elon Musk has accused the US media of racism against white people

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has sought confrontation with a sector that needs advertising revenue, accusing the US media of being racist towards “white and Asian people”. But Twitter Musk (about 130 million followers) often goes the way of entrepreneur Musk.

It wasn’t a quiet weekend for Twitter anyway. Musk laid off 200 employees on Saturday night. That’s about 10 percent of the workforce, which has already been cut from eight thousand to about two thousand in the last six months — to save costs.

Among those who lost their jobs Saturday was Martijn de Kuijper, one of the two founders of Revue, a Dutch company that facilitates newsletters that was acquired by Twitter two years ago. “When I wake up, I notice that I can no longer access my email” De Kuyper tweeted Sunday morning. “Looks like I’m fired.”

Racial hatred

On Sunday, Musk intervened in an issue that had occupied the media world since the previous day. Including hundreds of American newspapers The New York Times And The Washington PostIt announced on Saturday that they are no longer an internationally known comic strip DilbertBecause of the producer’s racist rants about office life.

This Scott Adams called black people in America “a hate group” on his YouTube channel. Whites must “go away from them.”

Adams responded to a poll showing that 53 percent of black Americans agreed with the statement, “It’s okay to be white.” “If almost half of all blacks think it’s okay if you’re white, that’s a hate group,” Adams said. “It still pains me to see videos of black Americans beating up non-black citizens.”

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In recent years, Adams, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, had already moved increasingly to the right. Three years ago he said on television that he had lost his job three times because he was white. According to the civil rights organization Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the innocent slogan ‘it’s okay to be white’ appeared on the controversial internet forum 4chan in 2017, and then Accepted by the racist heralds of white supremacy.

Twitter Musk (about 130 million followers) often goes the way of entrepreneur Musk.

Elon Musk took to Twitter for Adams. On the news that many newspapers are now shutting down Dilbert after decades, he wrote: “What exactly are they complaining about?” He deleted the tweet Then he wrote helloj: “The media is racist.” And: “For too long, the American media has been racist against non-whites. Now they are Racism against whites and Asian people. The same thing happened in America’s top universities and high schools.

Exodus Advertisers

After Musk took over Twitter in October, civil rights groups expressed concern that he would once again allow racist tweeters and spreaders banned from the platform. Musk promised not to let anyone return without consulting a new advisory board. That element never materialized, but several far-right Twitterers withdrew their accounts. This led to an increase in racist slurs on the platform, and the subsequent exodus of advertisers who didn’t want to be associated with Twitter.

Twitter has not been quiet since then. A week before the latest round of layoffs, Slack’s internal communications system suddenly disappeared—officially for maintenance, according to tech journalists, because Musk failed to pay supplier bills. Earlier in the month, Musk fired a major software developer for failing to prevent Musk’s tweet at the Super Bowl from reaching fewer people than President Biden.

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