Elliott Page on transition: “Now I feel like I can last” |  Turns out

Elliott Page on transition: “Now I feel like I can last” | Turns out

Parachute AcademyActor Elliott Page (34) gave a candid TV interview for the first time since his appearance as a transgender person. He did it with Oprah Winfrey on her show Opera talks On Apple TV +.

“I told the people around me first,” said Paige. “Before that Public speech On Instagram. I needed a moment to feel comfortable with all these changes. But after a second thought, I would have found it selfish not to talk about it, “Go on the actor.” With this platform and all the perks that I have. And given the fact that the transgender community remains threatened and endangered … Young people, in particular, face a lot of comment and aggression. So I wanted to tell my story. “

Elliott says he’s felt like a boy since he was nine and the pressure to look like a girl triggered feelings of depression. During the shutdown, the actor begins to think about the future and Paige decides he no longer wants to hide. Since then, Paige has undergone surgery to remove his breast tissue to appear more masculine. It’s a huge improvement, he says, that changed his life drastically.

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Psychological health

“I found hiding my identity comparable to being in the closet when I was little,” the actor continues. “I loved women and kept that to myself for years. Until I turned 27, I never touched someone I love. I never wanted to experience this feeling again, so I knew I had to share this with the world. If it was for my mental health. Just “.

Elliott has been married for three years to choreographer Emma Portner (26), who initially voiced her support for her husband on social media: “I will always love you,” as she wrote when Paige came out. In January of this year they decided to divorce. A surprise, but Page does not regret his decision.

“Now I feel I can finally be,” concludes Elliott. “I am happy that I have reached this stage in my life. I am so grateful to the people who have supported me in this process. I can barely explain how satisfied I feel about loving myself finally enough to truly be my true self.”

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