Ellie and Joel’s journey goes wrong in ‘The Last of Us’

Ellie and Joel have traveled by foot, but they have never been to America.

Although the world The Last of Us Very dangerous, Ellie and Joel go through some good places. Yet the shooting locations are far from the places they are supposed to represent.

In the first season, Joel and Ellie traveled almost across America. They start in Massachusetts and then move to Wyoming. Then they move from Wyoming to Utah and then to Tommy in Wyoming.

Fans are also confused as to how Ellie and Joel (mainly on foot) managed such a long journey in one year. Their journey will be more than 6000 km.

Not in America

The series pays close attention to every detail so that everything is perfect. However, the biggest thing isn’t really right. All filming locations were in Canada, not the US.

So not all beautiful places are in Wyoming or Utah. The first season was filmed elsewhere, in Calgary and Alberta.

Check out Ellie and Joel’s tweets about the route and stream below The Last of Us On that day HBO Max.

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