Elgato announces Stream Deck+ with rotary controls and touchscreen – PC News

Elgato comes with a new version of the Stream Deck. The new version is called Stream Deck+ and for the first time has rotating knobs that control computer functions. The device is also equipped with a small touch screen and familiar buttons for dedicated functions.

The Stream Deck allows streamers and PC users in general to associate a variety of functions with function buttons, providing convenient shortcuts to the functions they use most frequently. The Stream Deck + Eight of these buttons, which is slightly lower than the previous version of Stream Deck. However, users can probably do more with the new Stream Deck+, because in addition to the function buttons, it also comes with four rotating knobs and a small touchscreen.

According to Elgato, the rotating knobs can be used to mix audio, but also to zoom in and out of the camera, for example. You can switch between modes or activate specific functions via the touch screen. This allows different actions to be associated with the eight function buttons. Stream Deck+ can also recognize some programs and load a pre-selected profile based on that for use in the respective program.

According to the manufacturer, Stream Deck + works with more than a hundred applications. For example, the company offers well-known streaming programs such as OBS and an easy connection to Twitch, but programs from the Adobe suite can also be linked to the Stream Deck. Elgato makes Stream Deck+ available immediately. In Europe, the device costs 230 euros.

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