Eindhoven shooters de Lat and Beckers to World Games: 'Do your thing and keep calm' |  Sports zone

Eindhoven shooters de Lat and Beckers to World Games: ‘Do your thing and keep calm’ | Sports zone

After last weekend’s Dutch national championships in Ulvenhout, where Jody Beckers (28) beat Sanne de Lot (27) in the final, the Eindhoven compound shooters boarded a flight to the US, where the World Games will be held from July 7-17.

This summer evening they practice at the archery club ‘Our Pleasure in Orange’ on Amazonenlaan in the Oude Gracht-Oost neighborhood. De Lad and Becker’s joint snipers. Their counterparts are known as recurve shooters. Olympic archery is performed with a recurve bow. “I started with Recurve”, says de Lat. “But I wasn’t very good at it. At one point I got bogged down. Then I changed and wanted to shoot more tens. It’s a little easier with composite shooting.

De Lad and Becker’s equipment looks impressive. “My bow cost 1,600 euros,” says De Latt, who looks nothing like the longbow made famous by actor Errol Flynn in the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood. Visor with magnifying glass: 500 euros. Three stabilizers: 200 euros each. Beckers continues: ,, a trailer (for arrows, red) 300 euros. A set of tendons and cables: 120 euros. You should replace it every year. You also pay 500 euros for a set of 12 arrows. You have a practice and competition set. We use one set per season. Arrows cost 30 euros each.


At this stage you need the best equipment

Sanne de Lat (28), Count Shooter from Eindhoven

After his work, the photographer shows the women the result. “Nice photos,” Beckers says with a smile. “But I have a request. Can you photoshop us thin?” A few minutes later, she shoots three arrows at a mark. The mark is 50 meters away in the grass. Beckers looks through a ground telescope to see how many points the three arrows have scored her. “My spotting scope is flawed,” she says. .borrowed it. It cost 2000 euros. Lette laughs. “It’s not a small amount,” she feels. ,, But at this level you need the best equipment. All the top players have stuff like this.

Not in the Olympic program

Beckers works at an archery wholesaler. “We get arrows for free from a sponsor,” says the Eindhoven woman. “But we have to pay the rest ourselves. We only get some money from NOC*NSF for European Championship and World Cup. After all, our sport is not on the Olympic program.

De Latt returned from the World Cup in Paris. “I’ll go by car,” says the graphic designer. ,, it makes a difference. However, petrol is very expensive these days. After a week of shooting in Paris you’ll soon be 1000 euros lighter. Yes, I work to bake. Immediately after the World Games, there is the World Cup in Colombia. We should avoid that because it would be very expensive. It’s frustrating.”

Heart rate should decrease

4000 athletes will participate in 37 sports in the eleventh World Games. De Latt and Beckers qualified for the individual medley competition after a strong performance at last year’s European Championships. But getting a medal in the US can be a tough job. A select group of the top 16 will compete in Birmingham for gold, silver and bronze respectively. The Eindhoven girls see opportunities, but they are relaxed. “There is no special preparation,” de Lat says. “Do your thing and keep calm. Heart rate should decrease. No, definitely not because of beta blockers. But you should feel some tension. Because it keeps you sharp.

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