Frankrijk overweegt eenmalige vaccinatie voor wie al corona heeft gehad

Economy China is growing by more than 18 percent, and Germany is eliminating the UK as a risk area

A selection of Corona news from abroad.

  • from The Chinese economy Last quarter grew by 18.3 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. This is the strongest growth since 1992, when the country began keeping quarterly statistics, according to Reuters news agency reports based on official numbers. The economy has recovered largely from the consequences of the Corona crisis, in part due to the government’s stimulus measures. The Chinese government expects continued growth this year.
  • Germany The United Kingdom and parts of Ireland will no longer be classified as a Corona risk area from next Sunday, which means that less stringent travel regulations will be enforced. she has Robert Koch InstituteIts German counterpart, RIVM, announced Friday. At the same time, the institute added new areas with a large number of corona infections to its list of risks. This region includes the Portuguese Algarve and the Spanish Castile-La Mancha.
  • group Tokyo Olympics He was forced to promise again on Friday that the event would not be canceled due to the high number of coronavirus infections in Japan. That reports the Reuters news agency. The head of the organizing committee, Sekou Hashimoto, admitted in a press conference, Friday, that the Corona case is a cause for concern, but also said, “Do not think” about canceling the tournament. On Thursday, the head of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party said canceling the games would be a serious option if the coronavirus pandemic becomes out of control.

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