Economist Gabriel Zuckmann concludes that the Netherlands, as a rehearsal country, is still ahead

Yes, slow progress is sometimes maddening, and it doesn’t mean that he loses his optimism. Economist Gabriel Zucman (1986) linked it to his book The hidden wealth of nations Fight global inequality and ambiguous tax structures. He finally reaches the Netherlands, the epicenter of international tax evasion, where email companies thrive.

Sometimes a small miracle happens to you as a journalist. You send an email, not expecting one answer, because the person in question is a busy world and economic prodigy, and on top of that, what time would they have for you and your employer – but then all of a sudden: plating. The answer – within an hour. Unfortunately no, there is no interview and no time. After all, he lives on the American West Coast – the time difference is on the way, life, let’s keep in touch, maybe one day it will work out. Then a different date? applauseI’m afraid not. Teaching duties in Berkeley. But maybe next year?

Well, you think half-heartedly, against your better judgement–not least because the request sinks into your mind, until it is finally forgotten.

Then, suddenly, six years later. applause.

Gabriel Zuckmann here, remember, six years ago? I will be in Holland early next year. “If you still want that interview, I’ll be happy to do so.”

What does it say about you that you send your e-mail…

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