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Based on recent reviews: There are still issues, such as crashes while loading and some tasks that can’t be completed properly, but some are having a good time. The game content is not particularly large or long and contains little in the final game content. So playing the ARPG casual for a while is more of a dive into it, so it depends on what you’re looking for.

Most of those who play it recommend Torchlight 2 rather than 3, and the second game also has more players on Steam (for what it’s worth, just FYI).

Anyway, I am not expecting much, and there are more updates and improvements underway right now.

Some of the other recent ARPGs (the Diablo genre) aren’t many, or they didn’t turn out great either. Wolsen She looked promising but got mixed reactions (buggy, heavy fighting, strong sides too). Slow It can be fun for those who love the pixel art style, but it’s far from finished (early access). Veterans Diablo 2/3, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, and Torchlight 1/2 continue to take the lead.

I expect to play the remastered Diablo 2 myself when out, to scratch the itch of the loot.

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