Ecclestone kan zich niet inhouden: "Komen veel domme dingen uit Amerika"

Ecclestone at F1GB in Miami: “A lot of nonsense is coming from the United States”

Bernie Ecclestone has strongly criticized Formula 1 and the F1 Miami GP system. According to him, under his leadership this would never have happened.

Ecclestone, a former CEO and owner of Formula 1, was unable to attend the Grand Prix in Miami. The race is scheduled for the first time this season, meaning two races will be held in the United States this season. With the arrival of Las Vegas from 2023, there will be even three races a season from the United States.

Ecclestone lashes out

According to Ecclestone, betting in Miami was not organized the way it should have been. This is what Britain says Bloomberg News AgencyHe mainly lashes out at Liberty Media and all American. “They make ‘Formula 1: The American Style.’

Liberty Media ignores criticism

Greg Mafi, CEO of Liberty Media, could not do much more than criticize Ecclestone. According to the Mafia, people want to see this and the excitement for racing is high in Miami. He tells the same Bloomberg news agency. “Bernie can bring back what he wanted. But the truth is everyone wants to join now.” The first race will take place in Miami on Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

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