Easy transportation to the United States with our own staff TTM.nl

Easy transportation to the United States with our own staff TTM.nl

When you transport cargo or deliver trucks to other parts of the world as a transportation company, you have to monitor the entire transportation process from house to house. You can hire an outside expert for this, but you often rely on your own staff. Although the United States is known for transporting fossil fuel-powered glossy trucks, you find carriers on the other side of the Atlantic increasingly opting for electric trucks. This also applies to transportation companies in Europe. For example, Volvo trucks in North America have received orders for 110 Volvo VNR electric trucks from the global logistics company Mars.

If you want to carefully monitor the movement of such trucks, for example, well-trained in-house personnel who are physically present when carrying expensive electric trucks are also recommended. If you have multiple staff to oversee the entire logistics process, there is usually a lot of paperwork involved in applying for the required visas. If you, as a transport company, want to open your own branch with your own staff, this will involve a lot of arrangements. Employees residing in the United States permanently will need a green card. Green card holders are allowed to live and work in the United States. However, if you are only going on vacation or business trip, you do not need a green card.


You must physically apply for a visa at the US Embassy in The Hague. However, when your employees start working in the United States, there is also a quick digital way to get proper documentation in ESTA format. Apply for your ESTA Now it can be done completely digitally. But what is ESTA? ESTA is an acronym and abbreviation: “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. ESTA is not a physical document, but an electronic travel accreditation for the United States. Applying for this is a US Customs and Border Protection measure.

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Staff on a trip

If you are sending your staff with valuable trucks on a trip to the United States, you must meet a number of conditions if you are going to apply for ESTA. In addition, most travelers need a vaccination certificate and a Govt-related test certificate. So keep in mind that You meet ESTA requirements They are described below.

For employees in the transportation sector, for example, it may be necessary to visit customers or suppliers. This includes business meetings, truck sales negotiations and mobility conferences. Unless your employees are employed by an American company, you are allowed to work with ESTA in the United States. However, if the paying employer is located outside the United States, your employees may be paid for their work in the United States. This work is viewed as a ‘business trip’ and therefore meets the requirements of the ESTA.

Naturally, employees must have a passport valid for the entire work or stay period. The maximum length of stay in the United States is 90 days. Employees traveling with ESTA cannot apply for a visa, extension or residence permit upon arrival in the United States.

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