Earning season continues

Earning season continues

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Sunday 14 February 2021 1:42 pm

Next week, a new stream of business numbers will follow from the Netherlands and abroad, although Thursday is the busiest day, and investors will continue to pay attention to the minutes from major central banks and some PMIs.

The week starts off quietly, as both Chinese exchanges and Wall Street are closed on Monday. Americans celebrate President’s Day and in China there is no trade until Wednesday because of the New Year celebration.

Expect a Japanese growth figure on Monday, in addition to industrial production data from Japan.

Eurozone production is also slated for Monday, with the launch of US production on Wednesday. Moreover, the European Trade Balance will be on the agenda on Monday, while Japan provides insight into imports and exports on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at Dutch growth, as well as the GDP figure for the entire euro area.

On Tuesday, we also see how German economic sentiment works based on the ZEW index. Consumer confidence in the euro zone is due on Thursday.

The inflation figure comes our way out of the UK on Wednesday. The Netherlands and Belgium are scheduled to take place on Thursday. Japan and France will follow on Friday with their respective inflation numbers.

Of particular interest on Wednesday are the minutes from the last policy meeting of the Federal Reserve. A day later, the European Central Bank put it online. Both central banks are on massive stimulus to pull the economy out of the coronavirus crisis.

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All of these stimuli have an impact on the development of inflation and interest rates.

Vincent Goffins, JPMorgan Asset Management strategist, warned before the camera recently: “The biggest risk to equity markets is that central bank support will drop unexpectedly due to rising inflation, which could cause interest rates to rise and put pressure on very high equity valuations. “. At ABM Financial News.

On Thursday, weekly US requests for assistance will be examined.

On Friday, much focus will be placed on the preliminary composite PMIs from Japan, Europe and America.

Business figures

Earning season is in full swing. Mondays are fairly quiet, with NIBC and DSM’s Bava opening books on Tuesdays.

On Wednesday, he will play Ahold Delhaize, AzoNobel, Vopak and Alfen. Thursday is the busiest day, with results from Arcadis, ASR, BAM, NN Group, Air France-KLM, GeoJunxion (AND), Ordina, Acomo, Nedap and Veon.

The results of the turbulent Galapagos Islands will also appear on Thursday. Last week, it was announced that the biotech group had stopped developing a potential treatment for pulmonary fibrosis. It was the third blow, after Galapagos first had to halt its efforts to launch the anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatic filgotinib in the United States last year, and then also had to halt an investigation into a possible treatment for arthritis.

CEO Ono Van de Stolpe told NRC this weekend that hopes are now pinned on the Toledo program, with potential treatments for autoimmune diseases.

On Friday, Besi, Fugro and Kendrion will publish the results of the last months of 2020.

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Abroad, the Glencore and Groupon numbers are planned for Tuesday and those for Rio Tinto and Garmin on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Airbus, Carrefour, Hormel Foods, Walmart, Applied Materials and Dropbox will open books. Friday we’ll take a look at the results for Allianz, Danone, Renault and Derby.

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