EA to test cross-play in FIFA 22 on the latest consoles and Stadia – Gaming – News

If I’m honest, that’s not the case with a game like FIFA. The keyboard is not a feature in Fifa and I will always connect the console to the PC.

The same goes for CoD, where console players complain about PC games having a mouse. Console players are greatly compensated by the aim assist and in the matches I play I notice little difference in player performance. Console players were often seated at the top.

Maybe if you play at a higher level it makes a difference, but then you just turn off x-play and that’s it. (Or you connect a mouse/keyboard to your console).

No, I hail these kinds of things, I’ve never owned a console myself, so I’ve never been able to play all these games with my online friends who have this console. Now I can play a CoD game that I would never have been able to play together (because I can’t buy a console, this experience is not right. And by no means would they want to buy a PC, because it’s too expensive or little used).

FIFA is a big exception, I used to buy it regularly, but finding lobbies on PC was a drama at the time. Haven’t played it in years so I can’t say how it is now, but EA refuses to support cross-play (and it seems they still do, because the more powerful platform gets to say the least). As long as EA continues to do this, I will continue to avoid FIFA.

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