EA makes 2021 F1 cost in twenty countries twice as expensive as its predecessor – games – news

Either I’m reading that table completely wrong, or you’re wrong here anyway. If we take your example on the Argentine peso.

F1 2020 there were 649.99 in Argentine pesos. This represented a dollar value (at the time) of $ 7, making the game in Argentina 88.33% cheaper than the dollar price in the United States.

The 2021 F1 will now be 3599 – in pesos. This represents a dollar value of $ 38.81. This makes the game 35.31% cheaper in dollars in Argentina than in the USA.

So this is indeed a massive price increase for Argentina, not only in pesos, which may have depreciated, but also in equivalent dollars. So they arrive at value and not only keep their purchasing power, they increase it exponentially, for every game sold in Argentina.

Take Argentina as an example, EA is working to make the game cheaper there while implementing a price increase of 454% in local currency
So the game is not the cheapest, it just got much more expensive. However, it is still cheaper in dollars than it is in the United States lower cost Than before.

Then you have to lose 454% of the local currency’s value
Consequently, the local currency did not depreciate by 454%, which would be the case if the Argentine peso appreciated by 454% with the equivalent dollar value remaining unchanged.

Argentina actually gets a discount on the absolute value in dollars that are charged in the United States, but all of a sudden that discount is much lower than before. In this comparison, this has nothing to do with the devaluation of their currency, but with making the game relatively more expensive in Argentina.

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