Dutch PM condemns ‘small’ fall of Britain after Brexit

The Dutch prime minister said Britain would be “weakened” by Brexit. Rudd said Britain will be “too young to appear on the world stage alone” in 2019.

But the previous comments of the Dutch prime minister provoked strong reactions from readers of the site.

Someone reacted angrily to an Express.co.uk story that surfaced around the comments: “Lal, the Dutch are trying to promote themselves again. We are standing up to them. They attack who they think they are.”

Another wrote: “I think the bitterness we’re going through will lessen with time.”

The third said: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… ROTA: Is Britain too small to be big on the world stage?”

The Netherlands is not a power on the world stage. Are you jealous, Mr. Root? “

Another commented, “We’re smaller than you, we’re bigger than you.”

A fifth commented: “Oh my love! You hear the sound of green jealousy!!!

Another added: “Looks like Mr. Root did something wrong, right?”

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It would be the average of the Atlantic economy.

It is neither the United States nor the European Union.

“He’s too young to appear on the world stage alone.”

Rudd also warned that hundreds of companies were planning to leave the UK.

He said: We do not prevent them from coming here.

Every entrepreneur I spoke to from the UK says they will stop investing and their business in the UK.

“It will have an insurmountable impact on the UK.”

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