Dutch hockey players defeat Argentina and remain undefeated in the Pro League |  other sports

Dutch hockey players defeat Argentina and remain undefeated in the Pro League | other sports

videoDutch hockey players have not lost in the FIH Pro League. National coach Jeroen Delmy’s team beat Argentina again on Thursday. The match ended at the Etihad Stadium in Malden, near Nijmegen, with a score of 3-1. The difference was made in three minutes at the start of the third quarter.

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Unlike the day before (5-2), the orange started unconvincingly, and despite having the ball, he had no chances. Even the opponent from South America took the lead in the second quarter. Martin Ferrero left goalkeeper Permain Black without a chance with a devastating backhand.

It was not a harbinger of a serious catastrophe. Immediately after the break, the match completely turned upside down in a matter of minutes. Jonas de Guess equalized after failing a penalty the first time. Steijn van Heijningen then imitated Ferrero from a tricky angle, his first international goal. Not long after, Queen Beijing also managed to obtain a tip. Tijmen Reijenga gave the pass.

In the last stage, the Argentines failed to do something from the penalty kicks, so that the tension would not return.


The Netherlands have 22 points after six wins and two draws (with a penalty shootout bonus) and are now fourth behind India, Germany and Argentina, who have played in matches several times before. England also have 22 points, but needed four more matches to reach that number.

This coming weekend, the English will be opponents of the Orange twice in their country. Delmy also has access to his international players from Blumendale and Pinocchi, who were given a break after the National Championship final.

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Dutch hockey players. © Pro Shots / Bart Scheulderman

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