Dutch Entrepreneurs in the US: Gonul Dogan …

Dutch Entrepreneurs in the US: Gonul Dogan …


Working with Hollywood stars in Los Angeles. With this dream, Gonul Doğan left Holland at the age of 19 for the American West Coast. Despite the fact that she did not know anyone, Hollywood opened the door to her “Dutch socialite”.

Interview and video: Luke de Waal

May 10, 2023

Diversity leads to more innovation, efficiency and a stronger economy. Stimulating female entrepreneurship is one way to achieve this. The American West Coast plays a leading role in this field and also attracts many adventurous Dutch women. In this new video series you’ll hear from seven Dutch women in San Francisco and Los Angeles what it’s like to be The American dream we live up to.

$60 in your pocket

Gönül Doğan is a Hollywood producer and has made commercials among others Vanity FairH&M, Maybelline, and Mercedes. When she was 19 years old, she left for Los Angeles to pursue her American dream: “I only had $60 in my pocket.” She brings Dutch fun to Hollywood by organizing coffee breaks and making genuine connections with her clients and employees.

Although Gönul did not come from the world, she is now a famous and successful producer, 33 years after her arrival. So she thinks it’s important to give enough women and young people a chance at work: “One person opened doors for me, so I want to open the door for someone else in every job.”

In this 7-part video series by De Ondernemer, you’ll hear from enterprising Dutch women how to do business on the American West Coast. In collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco A new video will be posted online every week. The consulate helps Dutch entrepreneurs do business in the United States.

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