Dutch basketball players compete in the final week to participate in March Madness

Dutch basketball players compete in the final week to participate in March Madness

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It’s college basketball’s ultimate spectacle: March Madness. With an average of over ten million viewers per game, it is a regular item on America’s sports calendar. Only the top college teams in America are allowed to participate in March Madness. This season, many Dutch talents have the opportunity to show their qualities on the highest basketball stage.

So disappointed Rig Mast And Malevi Lyons Departing the stadium on Sunday afternoon (local time). In the final for a direct spot on March Madness, both Dutchmen lost Bradley Braves From the Drake Bulldogs with plenty of numbers. As the regular season’s number one seed, Groningen Mast and IJmuidenaar Leons are favorites for the overall win with the Braves.

There are two opportunities to participate in the NCAA Tournament, officially known as March Madness. At the end of the regular season, 32 major college basketball leagues host the finals. The following applies to this match: if you win, you play again the next day, if you lose, the season is over. Winners of this Conference Tournaments Put themselves directly before the big March Madness.

A second option to participate in the NCAA tournament is to be selected based on regular season performance. As some matches are rated higher than others, a jury of experts decides which teams should still join.

Last chance
to Boss Leyte From Bergen op Zoom, it was his last attempt to reach the NCAA tournament. As a fourth-year student, he faltered this season but hopes to return to the final scene. Leyte and his teammates from Almere Jorium Sysonou was with Greensboro Spartans A good starting position for a championship in their league, the Southern Conference. But in the quarter-finals, the Dutch pair lost at the last second and dashed their dream.

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Greensboro was active late for the SpartansDavid Beach/Cal Sport Media/CIP America

to Jesse Edwards, Quentin Post, Tristan said The last chance to make the NCAA Tournament is still underway. All three are at work Senior year, senior year in college and one more chance to achieve March Madness. Edwards has already made the finals in 2021, Quinton Post never before.

Eneruna, who hails from Almere, has competed against top universities Kansas and Iowa State no less than three times. Since this year, Enaruna has been playing Cleveland State Vikings, which is not a high flyer in college basketball. But with Eneruna, the Vikings are now in their final game, the Horizon Conference semifinals.

The Horizon Conference semifinals will be televised live on ESPN 3 on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

This Tuesday also begins the all-deciding match for Edwards and Post. The league they play in, the Atlantic Coast Conference, is one of the strongest in college basketball. With Edwards’ Syracuse Orange and Post’s Boston College Eagles unimpressive in the regular season, Edwards and Post knew that winning the tournament was the only way to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Post and Edwards can follow the ACC finale on ESPN. On Tuesday at 10:30 p.m., you can see Post play the Boston College Eagles in the first round on ESPN 3.

Edwards and the Syracuse Orange advance out of the first round and are allowed to play Tuesday night against Wake Forest in the second round. Watch the game on ESPN 3 starting at 6 p.m.

Dutch competitors
Many Dutchmen can already count themselves rich as the regular season shows. Maud Huybens of Gonzaga Bulldogs And David N’Gusson of Kansas State Wildcats Considered one of the strongest teams in the country. Both Dutch players and their teams are guaranteed to feature in March Madness due to their many wins this season.

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