Dutch actress Kate Johnson has acted in the American thriller film ‘Leopard Skin’.

As a burglar, choosing a house to hide in is not always convenient. In ‘Leopard Skin’, three jewel robbers find themselves in an oppressive dynamic between two mysterious women on the run.

One of the main characters Leopard skin Kate Johnson (31) is our new national pride actress after the Netflix series. Peaky Blinders The BBC hit duty tax and American crime series Jet His fourth international series.

Leopard Skin has actors from all over the world.

“I am a Dutchman. The set consisted of Spanish, French and English. At that time we were all still deep in the covid pandemic, so in a bubble. Not even allowed to go to the supermarket. Director Sebastián Gutierrez only wanted to work with people he knew were unlikely to cause conflict. I’ve worked with him and his wife Carla Gugino before on this series Jet . It stars Carla Leopard skin My enemy is Alpha. We worked with the same cameraman and picture editor that we did Jet .
And actor Gentry White (who played one of the robbers, version) is back.

Like Jet , the series is a playfully twisted, sentimental, split-screen film noir. A little Tarantino-esque.

“That’s right. There are so many plot twists that you don’t really see coming. I really enjoy the way Sebastian writes his scripts. The robbers see two women waiting for the guests. The guests should still come, I think that’s a good idea. It raises a lot of questions. Who are those two women in that house, who is Alpha, and what is their relationship?”

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What appealed to you about your role as Grandma?

“She’s mysterious and the character is going to experience many twists and turns throughout the series and many surprises to come, including her husband. Estate Come on, she’s the second girl after Alpha. Patty had a lot of work and she traveled a lot. When she found a rich man who was willing to take care of her, she was fine. She is searching for her identity and you notice that in her as the series progresses. That makes her an odd duck in a bite, and she doesn’t really know who she is. She grows up in a ridiculous way.

Joost von Ginkel, the director you worked with before, said that you work from your heart. Do you understand what he is saying?

“Absolutely. I think he means that I work from my instincts. I don’t know how to do it any other way. I don’t have a whole schedule in my head in advance, I don’t have lists or things that I know will work. I try to follow my feelings as much as possible for each character.

You live in America and do a lot of auditions there. Are we going to miss you?

“America is a big territory. Productions pay more, and there are many different types of stories and roles to play. Working in the Netherlands is a lot of fun. I always want to come back, but the Netherlands is also limited in what you can do. I hope to expand and improve my world so that I never get bored.

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You already work internationally, what else do you dream of?

“I have a new goal, I want to direct a movie. After making two short films, I now want to make a feature film. I love writing and have written a second collection of poems. Writing is like acting, a story can be told a hundred thousand ways. I hope to do a lot before I die.

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