'Dune' hits a box office hit

‘Dune’ hits a box office hit

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Warner Bros. And Legendary Pictures officially announced at the end of October that Dune: Part Two The green light has been officially given. And now we have a great update on the box office performance of Dune from the director Denis Villeneuve.

from the movie Dune It continues to do well at the worldwide box office – although production in the US can also be seen on streaming service HBO Max. I arrived today Dune 300 million dollars worldwide. 230 million of them come from countries other than the United States. $71 million comes from that country.

Make more movies

Villeneuve decided very early in the process of making it Dune It is better to divide the story of Frank Herbert into two parts. But he is now also considering the possibility of producing a third film, which he should be based on Dune: Christ.

The question, of course, is whether it will get to that point, but the sci-fi movie clearly does well enough to warrant at least one sequel.

With this, Villeneuve can accurately complete the Paul Atreides story from the first book by Frank Herbert, and as movie-watchers, we’re left with only half a story left. Dune: Part Two It should hit theaters sometime in 2023.

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