DS Smith is investing € 115 million in research and development

DS Smith is investing € 115 million in research and development

DS Smith is investing € 115 million in a R&D and innovation package to accelerate its activities in the circular economy. The new investment over five years includes the creation of a new UK center for advanced technologies, the development of new materials to replace plastics and a pilot project to measure the packaging powers of e-commerce.

DS Smith Laboratory Officer

The investment supports the packaging company’s new circular economic sustainability strategy, which commits to providing 100% recyclable packaging to all customers within two years and replacing 1 billion hard-to-recycle supermarket plastic items by 2025.

Research and development program

The investment focuses on three areas of research and development:

New materials

  • Accelerating investment in the development of new materials, including new transparent and fully recyclable packaging materials to replace plastic windows in sandwich and takeaway packaging, and new research into alternative natural fibers.
  • Expanding its barrier technologies, such as the recent experience with “Touchguard,” a coating that resists transmission of viruses.
  • Applying science to paper fibers: An in-depth analysis of different fibers in recycled paper and corrugated cardboard to improve strength, flexibility and recyclable properties.

Eliminate waste with smart design

  • Practical analysis of e-commerce supply chains, including measuring acceleration forces on in-transit packages, to reduce waste and prevent damaged parcels.
  • New experiences of strengthening natural paper fibers to improve materials in box design and manufacture. The new technology enables the design of extra fibers from the packaging while improving overall strength and flexibility.
  • 700 DS Smith designers have been trained in circular design, in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, so that all clients have access to circular packaging services.
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The focus of acceleration of new prototypes

  • Creation of “Unit 17”, a new prototyping and testing facility in the United Kingdom, to develop breakthrough innovations. This new facility will accelerate the development of next-generation technology and collaborate with the 50 innovation centers and R&D partners.

Top priority

DS Smith CEO Miles Roberts: “The way we live our lives is changing rapidly and we consider the environment a top priority. The environment.”

“DS Smith makes sustainable packaging from completely recyclable paper fibers. We continue to focus on minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, but most importantly, we can contribute to a wider community by providing circular packaging solutions and supporting customers in the transition to a“ circular economy, ”said Miles Roberts. .

from Now, the next strategist is Van Ds Smith It was launched in the fall of 2020 and includes groundbreaking targets for the sector, focusing on the circular economy. In addition to the traditional areas targeted to reduce carbon emissions, reduce water and reduce waste to landfills, the sustainable packaging company has challenged itself to make 250,000 truck trips on roads, replacing 1 billion pieces of plastic from supermarkets and e-commerce supply chains and replacing 5 million people in the circular economy.

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