Dorine Slaats-Willemse appointed Professor by Special Appointment

Dorine Slaats-Willemse appointed Professor by Special Appointment

Dorine Slaats-Willemse has been appointed Professor by Special Designation of Psychology in the Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences at VU University Amsterdam with effect from 1 April 2022. The chair was established by the Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychologist (WKK Foundation) in consultation with the NIP and NVGzP.

The new professor with a special appointment is Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of Therapy at Denkkracht, and Senior Researcher and Practical Trainer of the Psychology Specialist Courses for Character and Denkkracht. She specializes in the diagnosis and neuropsychological treatment of children with complex developmental disorders at the intersection of psychiatry, neuroscience and pediatrics.

A bridge between science and practice

The chair awarded was created by the WKK Foundation in consultation with the NIP and NVGzP. In addition, the Center for Expertise Denkkracht and Personality Psychiatry for Children and Young People participated in its development. The awarded chair was established to promote the scientific development of professional practice in clinical and clinical neuropsychology.

“I look forward to strengthening the relationship between science and clinical practice in the field of psychology and especially in clinical pediatric neuropsychology. Together with my colleagues, I want to make an effort to improve the care of patients with complex developmental disorders — from young to old — to promote mental health (prevention) and to better connect youth care and education,” says Dorine Slaats.

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