Don’t forget to watch the Great League Greatness Timed Research live stream

Don’t forget to watch the Great League Greatness Timed Research live stream

Starting tonight, you can get a code for Great League Greatness Timed Research by watching a Pokémon Worlds stream. You can still earn it later today by watching the live replay. This is the only way to get it! Below you can read exactly what you need to do:

  • follow her Twitch channel from Pokémon GO
    • You will also receive a notification when the broadcast starts
  • Watch live or replay
    • The broadcast began at 2:00 am and will continue until an unknown time
    • However, you can also watch the live replay later
  • Below the stream, you will find a window with your Share Twitch ID
    • Click this and the time starts running
    • Do not close or reload the page, as this may restart the count
  • A timer will appear, if it reaches thirty minutes you’ve watched enough. A button will appear with your code claimed on it
    • Click to get the code
  • You can enter this code at the bottom of the screen via Android, via iOS the following method should be used:
    • go to website from Pokémon GO
    • Log in with your game account
    • Enter the received code in Enter the code
    • Click Submit
  • Now you can access Timed Research through the game

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