Don’t forget to look: all the planets can be seen together in the sky

Don’t forget to look: all the planets can be seen together in the sky

If you want to witness the “parade of planets,” as this phenomenon is called, it’s best to look for a dark place with an unobstructed view of the horizon. You have a chance of seeing most of the planets if you start watching about 30 minutes after sunset.

Venus is still very bright at the moment, very low in the southwest. You can find Mercury near Venus. The brightness of Venus can help with that, but either way, experts recommend looking for Mercury with binoculars or a telescope.

According to Philip Mollet of the Volkssterrenwacht Mira, Mercury is not easy to find anyway, especially for those who are not used to spotting planets. Both Mercury and Venus are located very close to the Sun, especially since Mercury is visible only briefly above the horizon.

You can spot the rest of the planets if you look to the east. Jupiter is the brightest and can be seen high in the southern sky. You can identify Mars by its salmon red colour. Saturn, the second largest planet, will be shrouded in a golden glow after sunset, at least until early 2023.

Another tip for those who want to spot planets: unlike stars, they don’t twinkle. And then contemplate a clear sky.

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