"Don't come, don't come," Vice President Kamala Harris told asylum seekers.

“Don’t come, don’t come,” Vice President Kamala Harris tells asylum seekers

Kamala Harris warns immigrants: Anyone who crosses the US border will be deported.

Illegal migration

US Vice President Alejandro Chiamate, President of Guatemala, spoke on the occasion. The two want to work together to fight illegal immigration from Central America and fight corruption in the region.

“People don’t want to leave their homes,” both agree, Harris said. The United States wants Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to take further action against corruption. According to Harris, people need to feel that ‘help is coming’.

Make your own country more attractive

Attempts to make life more attractive in their country are being undermined by corruption scams. Harris said there will be a U.S. task force to help local lawyers punish those who commit corruption in Central America.

Harris took charge of the Immigration Cup this spring around the arrival of illegal immigrants from Central America. Since the departure of President Donald Trump, more and more immigrants have been coming to the United States. Trump’s drastic migration policy is being reformed by current President Joe Biden.

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