“Dog whisperer” Cesar Milan stands up to be bitten by a dog Joe Biden |  entertainment

“Dog whisperer” Cesar Milan stands up to be bitten by a dog Joe Biden | entertainment

Last week, it was announced that Biden’s youngest dog had bitten an employee again, after the animal was also guilty in March. According to Milan, this is not because of the flagship, but because of its environment. I report this Fox News.

Animals respond to what is happening around. Much has changed for Major, a small dog who comes from the shelter and who lives suddenly in the White House from his familiar surroundings. The house is different, the garden is different, there are a lot of people out there who are completely unknown to him. This causes a lot of stress for such an animal. Obviously, there is no standard safety measure in the White House for animals to acclimatize to their environment. That is why you cannot blame the dog for acting this way, ”Cesar said.

He continues, “The dog needs to trust those around him and this does not happen overnight. There is time and patience, but once the time is right, everything is fine. If everyone follows certain rules and are consistent, then everyone will be Major’s best friend. People need to be Being able to speak dog language to understand this because the dog cannot speak our language. The major is a great dog and it takes time. I think it is really disgusting for some people to say that it has to be injected after the second accident. Then you really did not understand. The dog should be helped out. Accept the people around him, and if that doesn’t work right away, then you have to take more time for that. “

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