Document released about Trump home search under censorship |  Currently

Document released about Trump home search under censorship | Currently

A Florida court has authorized the release of the FBI document that formed the basis for the search for a home owned by former President Donald Trump. However, many details were left out.

The Justice Department will release the censored version on Friday. The document explains why the police believe criminal offenses have been committed.

It is a statement issued under oath. He explains why clues were found behind the search for Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Twenty boxes partially contain top-secret government documents spasm taken.

Media, including newspapers New York times And the Washington Post, they went to court to see the document. But the clips revealing the identities of witnesses, FBI agents or others involved remain classified. This also applies to details about the study design.

According to the plaintiffs, the public has a right to know what is in the FBI document, given the private nature of the research. Trump also called for the document’s confidential status to be lifted. But he has a case ready The FBI demands that the investigation be halted until Musharraf is appointed.

The search warrant issued earlier and the list of items seized showed that some of the items found were in a “top secret” condition. It had to be stored in government facilities according to protocols.

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