Do you think an open relationship has a chance of success?  † Join the Conversation

Do you think an open relationship has a chance of success? † Join the Conversation

NB! This article contains spoilers.

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Ivo and Maris decided to participate in temptation island, because Maris likes to plan ahead while Evo prefers to let everything take its course. When Maris sees pictures of Ivo in which he starts talking about an open relationship, she is not necessarily against it. What you’re having trouble with is that the idea is being discussed frankly on TV. In the final episode, which can be seen from today, Maris receives a video message from Evo and Esme asking if the three can go on a 24 hour date, or on a dream date.


In the Netherlands, 3 to 4 percent of couples have an open relationship. This is stated by Joost Horstein, relationship therapist who specializes in polygamy and open relationships, in his Prevalence Report on Polygamy in Holland and Flanders. Therefore monogamy is still the norm in the Netherlands. An open relationship is definitely not for everyone, According to MAFS sexologist and psychologist Evelyn Stallart.

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“An open relationship can be very nice, but in my practice I see it go wrong,” Stallart previously told Vrouw. According to Stallart, an open relationship has a greater chance of success if clear agreements are made in advance, if no one is jealous, and if you have no doubts about the idea of ​​an open relationship. “If you doubt even a little, it is doomed. So I recommend that you think about it carefully and for a long time and start with caution as soon as you take the first step.”

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Miel looks at Temptation and thinks that an open relationship is entirely an option.

According to Pasquale, it is not clear to Evo what an open relationship entails.

According to this Twitter fan, Evo isn’t talking about anything else.

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